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01:24am Tuesday, 22nd January 2008

So, just when you thought you were never going to hear from the Henleys 3 again…

The last 6 weeks or so have been a complete blur. Christmas came and went, New Year too. Gethin is almost unrecognisable since we last posted an entry, changing daily with new words, gestures and causes of hilarity. The trip south was an epic one calling in to the Cotswolds to see some of Cole’s family (four generations from four countries across Europe came to celebrate grand/great-grand oompa Don’s 90th birthday). It was lovely to chill out in such lovely surrounds although it was pretty manic. Cole, parents and Bro-in-Law Will tried to make as many trips as possible to Coventry hospital to see sister Leiske, who is still in hospital after her stroke.

The latest news is that she is improving daily and was moved to the rehab hospital just outside Leamington where she worked before the strokeand was treated for her first stroke 5 years ago. It is great to hear that she is doing better though gutting to have not seen her in over 3 weeks.

The Costwolds was, as said, pretty manic with 4 great-grandchildren running around and it was the first time we had all met Gethin’s second cousins Mia and Balint who hail from Poland and Hungary respectively. Our visit was sadly all to brief and before we knew it we were heading south to Somerset to spend Christmas with Peta’s folks – but not before Gethin picked up a vomitting bug from his Polish cousin :(

By the time we got to the Cotswolds G had recovered from his bug only to pass it on to daddy then Moomin and Uncle Martin, though P and Gramps seemed immune to the puking lurgy. We spent a week in Somerset taking in a fun-filled Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, a Boxing Day panto, a rare trip to the cinema for Cole and Peta, and presents, foodstuffs and beverages galore. It’s taken practically the whole of January just to work the gin out of the system!

The highlight had to be young G attending Christmas Mass and attempting to feed the fibreglass shepherds and animals with straw from the manger. Genius.

After xmas with the Elmores we headed west for Gs first trip to the Motherland and a Hogmanay to remember at Meli and Captain Stiv’s cottage along with mutual friends Helen and Bam. Much drinking, fine fayre and poker was had by all.

Our return home – 13 days, some several hundred miles, a score of presents and three countries later – ended with an overnight stay at the Henleys in Leamington, a brief trip to visit Leiske and a stop off to see great grand oomps Ken in Cheshire before a late drive home into the wee hours of the morning.

An eventful fortnight then and one that at the end of which Cole at least was almost glad to return to work. Young G was swamped with presents and attention from all and sundry and the change of scenery and new faces seemed to have taken their toll on the wee fella who was quite out of sorts by the end of our holiday.

Glad to report though he is back to his normal self. Indeed, he has been absolutely magic these past two weeks or so. Into language and books, wanting to know what everything is, and trying to string sentences together at every opportunity. He is enjoying a bit of rough and tumble but at the same time wanting to kiss any random stranger which is a habit am finding difficult to control on account of its sheer cuteness!

He has settled back into his weekly routine and is trying to see his bestest chums Casper and Wren at every opportunity. He has been enjoying the myriad of toys he got for Christmas, particularly anything train related and have found it hard to resist picking up a few bits and bobs for him in the January sales.

He is particularly enjoying wearing his new Viking top hand-made no less from Aunty Josephine which he sported proudly at the local soft-play park as soon as it had arrived in the post. Cheers, AJ.

Anyway, that should be enough Vitamin G to keep you all satiated for the time being. 2007 turned out to be a mad, mad year and turned a bit crap towards the end but heres hoping for a fab 2008 with plenty of visits to the Henley household. You’re all more than welcome of course!

12:12am Friday, 11th January 2008

aaaaaaaaaaaargh, I think I have Essence of Dead Mouse on my foot. I must investigate the matter further. I feel very unwell. More to follow……

stupid goddamn mouse! It’s gone and died in my boot and congealed itself in there. I can never wear my boots again. No amount of whacking said boot against the wall has dislodged it. I do feel quite nauseous.

Anyhoo, HAPPY NEW YEAR One and All! We’ve seen some of you, spoken to others and written to the rest of you (hopefully that covers all the bases). We’ve had a very busy Festive period, with lots of rellies and friends and a stupid amount of pressies! Gethin has been very up and down too – sometimes being a lovely wee man and other times it’s hard not to strangle him…at the moment he’s being great though so I’m happy! He’s very chatty and his favourite little saying is “no poos in there” every nappy change! He’s a very confident communicator (I’m breathing a sigh of relief – all my experience from my job has paid off…) and loves his books, food and splashing in puddles. He always amazes me every day with a new word or two, or with a new sentence – it’s great that now he is properly understandable – and has started doing more things for himself – he put his trousers on yesterday by himself, although they were back to front and I had to pull them up over his napp-ied booty. He is loving being back at Elaine’s house with all his little friends, and even tries to stay at night when I pick him up. Boo hoo, poor me.

Well I think Cole will be adding something tomorrow – I’m off to scrub my foot. byeeeee!

02:21pm Tuesday, 8th January 2008

Happy New Year all – we’re still here. Just settling down after a manic xmas involving four generations from four countries, three maids a milking, too long in the car and a panda full of presents. Will post more soon.

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