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11:02am Monday, 15th January 2007

still here, well the domain hasn’t moved yet (and we haven’t been blown away by the elements), so time to abate the radio silence with an update.

after a handful of sharks, plenty of relatives and an excess of food 2007 has been a quiet year for the henleys 3 so far.

last monday (8th) peta headed south to newcastle for a work trip and, gasp, her first night away from bairn. this also meant cole’s first 24 hours as a single parent. eep! suprisingly it went without a hitch although in his efforts not to sleep through any nocturnal bairn activity cole awoke hourly through the night and was a bit bleary-eyed in the morning.

fortunately p was back on tuesday to save the day! the week had been quite quiet and cole and peta’s first full week back in the ol’ routine after christmas and the new year.

after 18 months of boxes, bags, bumf and a bairn – and inspired by the new lease of life in master gethin’s room – we have finally set about making our room our own, which is now a lovely shade of azure fusion 3, very hideous kinky. we have also finally got round to putting up the pictures which have been lying around since we moved in, ably assisted by cole’s christmas laser beam (although putting a picture up straight is quite tricky when the ceiling is a bit wonky).

little else to report except cole managed to kill his fourth coffee machine in 8 months at the weekend, gethin has mastered his first word – ‘tickle’ – which is usually rendered as part of a continuous-without-pausing-for-breath-sentence of “tickletickletickletickletickletickletickle(…)”. he also realised in the wee hours of last night that sleeping was just passe and – after being pretty darned excellent at the nocturnal inactivity thing since he was moved into his own room last month – decided that he was going to rudely awaken at 4 in the am and, upon being introduced into his parents bed, repeatedly punch his father in the face and roughly stroke his beard. peta thinks it might be soothing for his eczema. i personally think it should be frowned upon, particularly at 4 in the am in your parents bed!

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11:50am Tuesday, 9th January 2007

g’day – well getting royally fed up with the all round crapness that is our domain host. the blog seems to be offline more than it is online so there may be some more downtime in the forthcoming days as i finally get round to shifting to a new host.

see you soon….

11:02pm Tuesday, 2nd January 2007

hey ho blogites. well, it has been quite a busy week since christmas.

in the last 8 days the 3 henleys have spent a day in bed (well, cole did), seen sharks, caught up with 12 family members, tidied some, ate and drank alot, been to the panto, met darth vader, opened more presents, went bowling, attended a christening, supped on some of the finest seafood in scotland, seen in a new year and then tidied some more. on boxing day cole was struck ill by a lurgy (not, i hasten to add, poisoned by his seasonal culinary endeavours) so peta and gethin set about clearing away the yuletide detritus and the monsterous pile of washing up left by cole’s cooking.

on wednesday gethin did his first high five, in time for the arrival of uma and oompa to deliver a car load of presents and spend some quality, and long overdue, time with grandson. in their 3 days here we went to deep sea world to marvel at piranhas and sharks, the falkirk wheel to marvel at a large rotating canal thingy (and darth vader), were invited to our neighbour’s daughter’s christening and went bowling, where cole’s inabilities at hurling a large round thing down a long wooden thing were proven beyond reasonable doubt.

by saturday the henley’s 5 were whittled down to the henley’s 3 as cole, peta and gethin headed over to the west coast to spend hogmanay with peta’s family in helensburgh. we headed into glasgow for cole and gethin’s first panto – a marvellously ott aladdin. on sunday we three headed north to loch fyne to meet up with leiske, will and samuel – who had ventured north to enjoy ne’erday in oban – to sample some of the finest shellfish and fish known to humanity, plus exchange some more presents receiving a lovely painted portrait of the henley’s 3 from leiske. looking forward to putting it up once we get round to some more decorating!

lunch was fleeting as had to get back to h’burgh for new years eve preparations – including get the outfits on cole and peta bedecked in true margo and jerry fashion (see snaps). and before we knew it it was a new year. shocking to think how quickly the last 12 months have passed and how much has taken place during them.

on monday the henleys (even gethin) awoke at a leisurely pace and set upon brunch and, for the first time this holiday (i kid you not), some quality television viewing before heading back home to linlithgow. tuesday we awoke to marvel at the damage done by some of the high winds that had hit west lothian over hogmanay and cole set upon rebuilding the chicken houses which had blown over and lost their tops! after a spot of tidying, a trip to the skip (the ruddy council bin men waste management operators have inexplicably failed to manage our waste for two weeks now. that’s a lot of sprouts and wrapping paper!), and a breather it is back to the ol’ routine for henley’s 3. it’s been a magical christmas and great to see so much family over the christmas break but still do the day by ourselves. thanks everybody for your kind presents, cards and thoughts, and we do hope to see you soon in 2007.

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