at long last...bairn 2.0
G on the boat
The boat home 2
The boat home
# You spin me right round baby
Peta in sun
Bairn with ball

G running up the wing
G throwing stuff

New Wellies
3 Generations
Arch nemesis
BBQ, typical Scottish summer's day
Tea drinking
Outrun 2

Super nappy head
At Treefest
axe throwing @ treefest
Skater Boyz
bairn at Treefest

Suited up in John Lewis
Under the covers 3
Under the covers 2
Under the covers 1

learning about the symbolism in spence's post-war british architecture at daddy's workplace
king of the castle
sleeping through the party
running with twigs
boys practice for careers as tree decorations
reaching for the stars

combing mummy's hair, with a twig
Peta's fabulous creation for Wren
admiring the view
monkey and G share snacks on the train home
g: now featuring a beard like daddy
G attempts early release from the trenches
the future's bright, you gotto wear shades!

you'll have to speak up, i can't hear you!
yummy apple cake...the henley need never go hungry this summer
yummy beetroot....
yummy courgettes....
a moment of quiet bookish-ness

Could G be any cheekier???
another day, another cute outfit, same jumping daredevil
extreme jumping!
Peta and Kate in Cambridge
giant hail storm!

...but the brave knight's fiercesome reputation preceeds him.
Sir Gethin patrols his kingdom....
G shows his sensitive side
boys and their toys of choice
And relax ...
gethin's take on gardening...
is that a look of serenity or fear on cole's face???

boy racers - larking about at the end of a perfect day!
Weeeeee!  A happy happy photo!
we witnessed a tiger attempting to take down a giraffe, WOW
baby G-giraffe
boy + sock monkey = best buds
G and Samuel taunt the crocs

gethin and mummy on safari, shades a must
...some sort of deer thing...
...a crocodile...
...some sealions...
up close and personal with a leopard....

...a cheetah...
...a white tiger...
I spy with my little eye...
milk time for sleepy boys
spot the mistake....
gethin plays Wii with his wooden baguette!!!
furtive wooden sandwich maker

the boys' birthday cake lasted a matter of minutes
messy, messy mud pies
all aboard
pig feeding
new born lambs and casper's mighty fine new trim
so captivated G joins up with the wrong family

are we setting off yet?
eagerness and anticipation personified