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09:30pm Thursday, 16th March 2006

what a great day. our yummy nappies arrived (thanks again moomin) and they are SOOOO cute. they have had their obligatory pre-wash and are most cute and fluffy.

plus, drumroll…… dr henley has been offered (and has accepted) a new job, nay, a new career! after a successful interview yesterday it is horizons new for cole. quite a gamble as it entails a departure from archaeology plus it means cole is sacrificing a remaining year on his fta job for a six month casual post but it’s a first-footing towards the hallowed halls of webdom. hussah!

back to bairn, peta had midwife appointment today. heartbeat is nice and strong and the baby is just in the right position, although it doesn’t like being poked and prodded as it kicked the midwife – naughty bairn!