bairn blog: a tale of three henleys

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10:21pm Thursday, 2nd November 2006

there is an old saying “the world is your oyster”. not entirely sure what it’s supposed to mean (if the world was to be something of mine it certainly wouldn’t be a smelly bivalve, regardless of their reputed effects on the female of the species). i digress. the reason i mention this old adage is that it sprung to mind earlier today when out to lunch with peta, gethin and denise and katja from work.

it is nothing new to note that the world of a 6-month old is explored through the mouth. everything in reach seems to end up in gethin’s hands and everything in his hand soon winds up in his mouth. it then occurred to me that all six month old’s must harbour feelings of megalomania. they have no concept of ownership ergo everything must be theirs. at lunchtime this rang particularly true when no-ones plate was safe from his prying digits.

anyway, that is my parental observation for the day. happy to report that gethin at long last seems to have emerged victorious from his epic battle with the dreaded cold. he still has a wee cough (not a ‘week off’ as it may be interpreted) but is pretty much back to his normal, cheeky self – although doesn’t seem too happy with the recent drop in temperature. join the club son!