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01:35pm Friday, 17th November 2006

week 32 into the life of master gethin and all is well. mum’s toe is better, though still sore and swollen and G has seemingly mastered his first multi-syllable word in ‘pussycat’ – although in reality it sounds more like ‘pttsk-ca’ so he could be coughing up a fur-ball, attempting to beatbox or brushing up on his slavic language skills.

he is also getting very close to crawling having mastered the ‘getting-the-bum-in-the-air-to-bring-legs-forward’, although this action currently tends to render his head as a snow plough hindering any forward locomotion. still, i give it a week or two before he is flying around the house and we have to start nailing stuff in-situ – and i thought babies were messy when they were stationary!

update: for those that are interested, cole has had a pretty uneventful week although has cooked more often than most weeks, belatedly exploring his culinary potential once again.

cod teriyaki, eggs florentine, pie and veg and burger and spicy potato wedges have capped off a stellar week of kitchen antics, although all this fine effort was almost undone when cole scoffed half a tub of carte d’or and felt none too clever!