bairn blog: a tale of three henleys

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11:28pm Monday, 20th November 2006

the tour de france it ain’t but cycling from work to the train station and from the train station to home is proving quite a challenge to bonnytoun’s resident exercise-a-phobe.

it’s not the hills, though they’re bad enough (particularly the up ones). it’s not the idiots in car and on foot who seem to have a particular blind spot for six-and-a-half foot tall blokes on bikes with bright flashing lights. it’s not even that i look like a lemon on the train with my trousers tucked into socks. it’s the fact that it has rained everytime i have ventured out on two wheels, meaning that everything in my field of view is reduced to a jackson pollock of smeared glimmers, leading linlithgow’s own lance armstrong aiming for the bus lane and hoping for the best.

elsewhere peta is hobbling less and gethin is perfecting that art of wrapping father round finger, although he has my sympathy vote at the moment as he has caught yet another cold – at this rate he should be immune from colds, chills, and all know ailments of the human body by the time he hits his teens!

the three henleys benefited from a visiting moomin and gramps at the weekend, moomin staying on for a few days to catch up with grandson and help out around the house. it is always lovely having friends and family round to stay (particularly when they excel at washing up) so anyone wanting to visit is more than welcome. we don’t get out much so could really do with the company!