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10:19am Thursday, 23rd November 2006

the henleys are a wee bit bleary eyed today after another trip to st johns hospital in livingston. no, not another stubbed toe. this time it was gethin attending – he has been laid low with a cold (again) for a few days now but awoke quite suddendly last night with very heavy breathing and weazing. we rang the nhs direct people and because he was so young they recommended taking him to hospital just in case.

we pootled along and got seen by the emergency gp quite quickly who gave him a thorough check to see what was up. there was initial concern that he might be ashmatic but it turned out he just had some catarrh on his chest. we got home about 1 in the morning much relieved but quite, quite tired.

gethin has also discovered a new syllable and now everything is ‘g’. it would be fascinating to know what he is trying to say but in the meantime it is just entertaining to watch him point at the world around him and g-ing.


Leiske said on Saturday, 25th November 2006

Maybe Gethin is just trying to say guitar, but doesn't realise it's actually spelt with a C?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!