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03:01pm Friday, 1st December 2006

hello everyone! yes, I am still alive. poor cole has been doing all the blog reporting of late, well it is quite hard for me to get anywhere near the thing, what with baby watching/playing in the day, and then cole hogging it in the evening.

anyway, I’m fine – I think most of you will know that I’ve been ill this week, I can’t quite believe it’s friday already. The beginning of the week is a bit of a blur, having spent the vast majority of it in bed, prostrate with an evil bug. I knew i was getting ill at the weekend, and last week I’d had a sore throat for a while. On sunday i talked to cole about how stressed I’d been. I tend to get sick when I’m getting wound up, and recently I felt that I couldn’t wind down in anyway. My shoulders, arms, neck and hands always seemed to be knotted and tense, it just seemed that every minute of the day was occupied, either by thoughts of going to work – getting certain things done by certain times- or thoughts of gethin – his perpetual cold/teething grumbles/organising his food and bag for the entire day/not sleeping properly. Plus he was hardly eating anything at all which really stresses me out, and his weezy chest was upsetting cole. I guess I just got more and more wound up and my body wanted to stop. jeez, babies are such hard work – I’ve noticed many many more lines and wrinkles, especially frown marks where I constantly worry!!! I don’t how ruthie next door manages 2 of them! and our mums who had me and martin, and cole and leiske within 15 months of each other. our mums are legends! couldn’t live without you both!

well, at least I’m feeling better – sorry kate for fobbing you off when you called on wednesday – we’ll speak at the weekend instead. And Gethin is now starting to eat properly again, although the little terror refuses everything I make him and will only open his mouth for bloody bought food. Not what I planned – I even shuddered at the thought of buying rusks, let alone jars of food. But what can I do? does anyone have any advice? elspeth? brenda? pat? anyone!!!!???

this morning gethin and i went down the road to the farm where Mike had an auction to sell off loads of his farm equipment. it was bonkers – hundreds (literally) of old stylee farmers plonking around in overalls and wellies and flat caps. In true angry scottish “get off my land” farmer speak, I heard an old dude tell another one: “F***ing english farmers come up from f***ing england”!!!!! so many people, but there were cool things in the auction – tractors, combines, ploughs etc. it was pretty crazy actually.

cole is off to manchester (again) this weekend, but next weekend I think we might start the ‘big move’. I can’t quite believe gethin is still in our room, but I hope he’ll be in the next room by christmas. can’t wait, his room is going to be brilliant!

i think munchkin is awake……hope everyone is happy and well – and looking forward to the christymas holidays! don’t go spending too much money now! Oh that’s another thing – does anyone have any good ideas for christmas to make it a special day???

bye everyone!


brenda said on Wednesday, 6th December 2006

glad you are feeling better, and no i have no tips for making our darling little offsprings eat good homecooked food. you would think after three kids that i would have eh!! Just don't stress about it, food fads come and go like the daily post - what they like today, they won't like tomorrow, trust me that much i do know.

Elspeth said on Monday, 4th December 2006

sorry, hit send too soon...
I think I set a max on 'jars per week' - like about 3 or so. And (tried hard to ) refuse to see that as a failure! Find a balance that suits.
And remember, if he's getting enough milk he will NOT wither away. Remember too that his instinct is stronger than ours is, he knows what nutrition he needs. And even if he doesn't get it every day, it'll balance out over a week.
S still has spells of refusing almost everything. But they pass.
Oooh don't stress!! the wrinkles are temporary and go away as you calm down, promise!!!
E xxxx

Elspeth said on Monday, 4th December 2006

I know, I know - Scott was a wee monkey about that too, turning his nose up at my finest Annabel Karmel up-all-night-pureeing preparations, scoffing happily on tins of muck. And it's SOOO annoying!! And he would still much prefer a tin of Spongebob Squarepants pasta shapes to fresh soup or even spag bol. Persevere but don't get wrinkled over it, jars are JUST FINE

Pat said on Sunday, 3rd December 2006

Can't pretend to know anything about tot's food nowadays, but I always remember the one bit of advice my ma-in-law gave me "It's better to give them fresh oranges with a sprinkling of sugar, than have them refuse to eat fresh oranges"!! Don't know about oranges/sugar, but the principle is sound - if a little compromise is needed, then fair enough!
We've recently had raging throat infections which hung on and multiplied, perhaps Gethin still feels a bit wary about swallowing (I'd tell you a lovely story about getting Ryan to eat again after a childhood illness, but he would not want it broadcast...)
I can however, understand how Peta feels, and how everything gets on top and brings you down. It's so sad that the parents who care the most, suffer the most - rest assured you are doing brilliantly!
I don't know how you feel about herbal remedies, when I feel overwrought I use a product called SuNerven, it's based on Valerian, sold in Health Food shops and Boots. It's a godsend! The doses might seem high at first, but once they have worked I always found that a couple of tablets taken in the nick of time do the trick and prevent futher build ups.
Above all, don't blame yourself - this is coming from someone who once felt so overwrought trying to persuade her firstborn to eat that she cracked and dumped the contents of the bowl on his head!!

Oompa said on Friday, 1st December 2006

Glad to hear you're feeling better and Gethin is back to his normal cheeky self.
Sarah recommends readybrek mixed with natural pear juice, she said its yummy. She also said you can buy organic rusks with apricot - but the old style rusks never did our kids any harm!
As for Chrimbles, just relax, overeat, overdrink, sleep (Same time as Gethin preferably), and enjoy his first Christmas.
As for spending and buying pressies... that's what grandparents are for! As the old saying goes, 'If I'd known how nice grandchildren are, I'd had have them first'!
Lots of love
The Oomps!