bairn blog: a tale of three henleys

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06:09pm Wednesday, 6th December 2006

trips to manchester two weekends in a row for dr henley – this time a whirlwind visit to celebrate friend ruth’s 30th birthday party.

after a five hour train ride and getting lost in a taxi (it was the drivers first week) found the party destination in an old mill owned by a friend of ruths. helping tidy the place in advance of the soiree was a nice reminder of cleaning up the barn for our wedding reception two years ago, perched on chairs with brushes a couple of hours before everyone arriving!

after moving some doors, laying out some plastic glasses, erecting a dentist chair and hanging up a punchbag (what kind of party was this i hear you cry?) we all headed back to ruth’s for a spot of tea and a brief catch up with ruth’s sterling wee son arthur who I hadn’t seen in over a year.

after some lovely thai curry we headed to the mill where it turned out that the birthday party was an all night affair. sadly, it also turned out that cole really doesn’t have the stamina he used to for all night partying. a great evening was indeed had but by the end of it felt like an old man needing his bed and a hearing aid.

got home in the wee, wee hours and enjoyed a lie-in on the sofa before a fleeting trip to the beloved theatre of dreams.

before i knew it i was back on a train northbound and as sure as the earth revolves around the sun the train service was shockingly late – plus there was no onboard shop to sate my hunger and thirst. to cap it off teh experience, after a wee sleep on the train some random strangers had kindly left me a sachet of dr stuart’s liver detox tea. i guess i really don’t have the stamina for all night partying!

got back to linlithgow late on sunday but glad to be home. was only away less than 36 hours but missed p + g loads. monday then was a nice chance to catch up with the wee fella by taking him to the docs for his third set of jabs (or jags as they call them up here in Scotland). suffice to say the wee fella was none too pleased with a needle being jabbed (jagged?) into each thigh, but he soon got over it. am also happy to report that the geth-star pretty much slept through all of tuesday evening. hussah and may the gods make us truly grateful!