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09:13pm Wednesday, 6th December 2006

the joy of bicyclettes

at two or three weeks into this new-fangled form of commuting i am by no means a seasoned cyclist but some pet hates have already emerged:

bus lane hogging buses that cling to the gutter and threaten your average six-foot-six cyclist with decapitation

cars that get in the right hand lane before a box junction but go straight ahead and threaten your average six-foot-six cyclist with decapitation

pedestrians who think they have a sixth sense to all road-borne threats. believe me, the only pedestrian with eyes in the back of their heads are those that walk headlong into the path of your average six-foot-six cyclist peddling as fast as his little wheels will allow

cobbles – if the hard plastic saddle on my folding bicycle doesn’t reduce the chances for gethin mark ii, the cobbled streets of edinburgh certainly will


Oompa said on Thursday, 7th December 2006

The six-foot-six cyclist has to get his priorities right. Either getting decapitated by a bus or car, a softer saddle, or gethin mark ll.
Methinks the most fun for all is the third option!