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01:18pm Thursday, 14th December 2006

well, 250-odd days into the life of gethin there is some good news and bad news to report.

to get the bad news over with, am saddened to announce that cole has killed his third coffee machine in 8 months. must be all those bairn-induced early mornings. may not seem so bad to you all but have you seen/heard a decaffeinated cole first thing in the morning? not a pleasant experience!

on the good news cole and peta had their first night out together since gethin was born thanks to the baby-sitting prowess of the lovely denise. so, cole and peta headed into the big smoke for a spot of cinema going, catching casino royale on the biggest of big screens. and what a film. perhaps it is just because we hadn’t been to the cinema in so long but daniel craig was excellent and the film a breath of fresh air for the bond franchise. you know the name, you know the number!