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10:46am Monday, 18th December 2006

no rest for the wicked – except for cole who despite being allowed going out to two office parties in the space of a week, was allowed a quite super lie-in on saturday morning.

once stirred from his slumber, the weekend was spent mostly catching up with the dregs of stuff and matter left over from last weekend’s big room swap. not quite there but hope to be less swamped in old clothes and boxes by christmas day!

aside from tidying and sorting we belatedly made up our christmas cards and went for a lovely walk up the road, popping in to the farm to see a newborn calf and roberto’s new colt.

am glad to report that gethin has been sleeping much better over the last couple of days than he had been of late. peta took the wee fella to the doctors on friday who diagnosed him with another ear infection and a perforated ear drum. since then we have been dosing him up with anti-biotics and he seems to be the better for it, sleeping through until 6 or 7 most mornings and a much chirpier demeanour during the day. hussah!