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08:17am Wednesday, 22nd March 2006

well, time is slipping and we thought we were almost there yesterday when peta had a wee turn whilst on a meander through edinburgh. however, it now seems more likely that it was the excessive amount of peckhams chocolate cake she had been eating!

having invested in the reusable nappies cole decided he would try to maintain the ethos by getting some eco-friendly disposables (rather than the tesco value ones that he had previously been eyeing up!), just for the short-term as we get used to new arrival and its various emissions…

cole had the last of his dads2b groups in livingston on monday evening (boo hoo). this week, partners could attend so peta came along and the group talked about baby safety and sterilising bottles, etc, which we didn’t have a clue about beforehand! met some really nice couples too. neil and linzi, a lovely couple from linlithgow, gave us a lift to livingston and popped back to ours for a cup of tea and a chat afters. hopefully will keep in touch and look forward to the proposed reunion and seeing all the blokes with their respective bairns.

cole start’s his new job on april 1st, although unless bairn is feeling especially lazy he will probably be on paternity leave when the switch happens. this could be interesting in terms of his current workload as it’s like every day is his last day at work.

little else to report. we watched the latest harry potter film last night which was very good. my how those kids have grown!