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04:50pm Sunday, 24th December 2006

i’m dreaming of a grey christmas, may all our christmas’ be grey. in the absence of snow the Henley’s have been enjoying the atmosphere of a cold, winter’s fog that seems to have descended on west lothian – let’s hope santa has fog lights on his sleigh because it’s a right pea souper!

well, twas the day before christmas and the three henley’s have been busy beavering away for the big day ahead, our first christmas as a family. cole is cooking, both meat and veggie dishes – the ham has been boiled and glazed and the duck is defrosting (once cole had figured out which end was which and what orifice to pull the giblets out of). prime you tummy peta for a gourmet feast of epic proportions (and a grumpy cole in the kitchen)!

cole has been off work since friday so we have been getting the place primed, stashing the last of the stuff from the ex-spare room into the attic, taking a lot of rubbish to the tip, getting the shopping in, wrapping presents. the list goes on…

alas poor gethin. he has, once more/still, not been feeling too well and following a 24 hour vomiting bug on wednesday has still been quite out of sorts, not eating particularly well and sleeping a wee bit more than usual (as i type he and peta are enjoying a well-earned afernoon nap). still, santa is coming tomorrow so he should be suitably rested in order to open all his presents tomorrow (well, we hope so – all but a couple of the presents under the tree are for him)


Allan & Sabina said on Monday, 25th December 2006

Well we're well impressed with your ham, as 2 carnivores who have only just put in our guinea fowl-for-2, we are slavering over the pic! We have had 6 weeks of hell fitting new central heating and kitchen but as cooker arrived on Thurs and a smattering of Xmas decs were finally put up last night, we're feeling full of festive spirit! Wishing all 3 Henleys a smashing day, love Allan & Sabina.