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09:58pm Monday, 25th December 2006

pher-ew. it has truly been a magical day, and quite a long one too with wee gethin awakening at the crack of dawn (6 in the am). peta whisked off to whip up a bucks-fizz breakfast complete with smoked salmon muffins and the three henleys were out of the house feeding the chickens before nine. the excitement proved too much for the boy who, adorned in his lovely santa suit (from uncle fartface), did the traditional christmas nap before a single sprout had seen the light of day. after a two hour slumber we set upon the pile of presents, a multitude of toys, clothes and books for the boy and a frickin’ lazer beam for cole (the big boy), the whole experience washed down with some crudities dunked in baked camembert (yummy). once the mountain of presents had been ascended we set off for a pre-lunch stroll, heading down to the loch in lintlithgow for a some fresh air and bird watching for peta with her new binos. we stopped off on the motorway bridge to wave at passers by, all but one grumpy chap in a land rover waving back or flashing their lights. bah humbug mister land rover driver.

once back cole set upon the mammoth task of his first christmas dinner, a three-hour cookathon featuring a cast of thousands (of utensils). fortunately had got some of it out of the way the day before as this was going to be a feast to surpass all others. roast duck with prunes for the meat eater (peta) and leek and gruyere souffle for the veggie (cole), served with bread sauce, wine-braised red cabbage, roasted potatos, parsnips and carrots, sprouts and chestnuts. well, after three hours toil it was a success. the souffle rose and the duck wasn’t too fatty so all were replete with only half of the food eaten. duck and sprout omelette on boxing day then.

after dinner we caught up with some friends and relatives through the magical workings of the interweb and some web-cam action before bathing and putting gethin to bed where he promptly partook in the mightest vomit known to humanity.

well, it has been a splendid day and a wonderful first christmas together for the henleys three. thanks to everyone for their super-generosity in the present department – gethin’s new room is definitely going to need some new shelving to accommodate his many gifts (something which should be quite straightforward with dad’s new laser toy thingy). right – off ot put a couple of extra notches in my belt. g’night and a very, merry christmas to you all!