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11:02am Monday, 15th January 2007

still here, well the domain hasn’t moved yet (and we haven’t been blown away by the elements), so time to abate the radio silence with an update.

after a handful of sharks, plenty of relatives and an excess of food 2007 has been a quiet year for the henleys 3 so far.

last monday (8th) peta headed south to newcastle for a work trip and, gasp, her first night away from bairn. this also meant cole’s first 24 hours as a single parent. eep! suprisingly it went without a hitch although in his efforts not to sleep through any nocturnal bairn activity cole awoke hourly through the night and was a bit bleary-eyed in the morning.

fortunately p was back on tuesday to save the day! the week had been quite quiet and cole and peta’s first full week back in the ol’ routine after christmas and the new year.

after 18 months of boxes, bags, bumf and a bairn – and inspired by the new lease of life in master gethin’s room – we have finally set about making our room our own, which is now a lovely shade of azure fusion 3, very hideous kinky. we have also finally got round to putting up the pictures which have been lying around since we moved in, ably assisted by cole’s christmas laser beam (although putting a picture up straight is quite tricky when the ceiling is a bit wonky).

little else to report except cole managed to kill his fourth coffee machine in 8 months at the weekend, gethin has mastered his first word – ‘tickle’ – which is usually rendered as part of a continuous-without-pausing-for-breath-sentence of “tickletickletickletickletickletickletickle(…)”. he also realised in the wee hours of last night that sleeping was just passe and – after being pretty darned excellent at the nocturnal inactivity thing since he was moved into his own room last month – decided that he was going to rudely awaken at 4 in the am and, upon being introduced into his parents bed, repeatedly punch his father in the face and roughly stroke his beard. peta thinks it might be soothing for his eczema. i personally think it should be frowned upon, particularly at 4 in the am in your parents bed!


Leiske said on Monday, 15th January 2007

What is it with us Henleys and Withers doing everything in sync?! Firstly, it was the pregnancy thing, then having a baby in the same month when they were expected more than 3 weeks apart, then, putting the wee boys in their own bedrooms the exact same weekend, and now........set about giving the parents bedrooms a new lease of life! Alas, we sadly didn't get as far as to applying any paint, but we did think about it and did get round to framing those prints that have been lying around since our move in date in June '05!

Looking forward to viewing pictures of the new bedroom-hopefully adorned with my Christmas efforts of the 'Opie-style' family portrait!