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02:19pm Sunday, 11th February 2007

wotcha! well the snow threatened and it did land for all of 5 minutes and then it went :(

gethin has been without a cold for at least a few days now and is still excelling at this not-crawling malarky. he and peta did their usual head into edinburgh for cinema and meander on thursday, this time not culminating in a trip to the hospital (hooray).

at the weekend all headed into e-berg again. cole to meet up with ryan, fraser and fraser’s family to head to murrayfield to catch wales vs scotland. peta met up with shelley to go swimming. sadly, wales were trounced (and despite the lack of snow we reached hitherto unexperienced levels of coldness) and the swimming pool was otherwise engaged with a gala taking place so a disappointing day all round for henleys 3 but it was good to meet up with r + s again.

so far sunday looks to be another henley speciality laze-a-thon although a trip to the shops and some tidying will be on the cards…alas