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11:34pm Thursday, 15th February 2007

my o my. the weeks just seem to be merging into each other at the moment. must be something to do with the wintry weather and shorter days.

anyway, after the high drama of a day out in the city (and rugby for cole) this week has been quite quiet, mostly doing work-type stuff. on tuesday night we settled down for some home-cinematic entertainment (sans popcorn), watching condorman. having seen the film being made in paris as an impressionable five year old, condorman has always been a firm favourite for cole who was particularly excited at it having arrived in the post, especially as he hadn’t seen it in a few years. sadly, without the nostalgic sentiment peta wasn’t nearly as enthused about the film, despite the fact that it has nasty russian baddies driving black porsches, speed boats, rocket-propelled ski lifts, explosions and fricking laser beams. oh well, you just can’t please some people!

on wednesday peta deserted the two boys (on valentines day of all days!) for a spot of swimming, but not before we settled down for a romantic, candle-lit meal for three – griddled salmon with sweet potato, brocolli and corn on the cob, followed by a nice tub of tiramisu ice cream which g seemed to take quite a liking to (but not as much as cole who woolfed down more than his fair share!).

to thursday evening and all three henley’s are very excited that god-mum josephine is popping up from southern climes tomorrow to spend some quality time with the wee fella (and parents of course).

adieu mes amie.