bairn blog: a tale of three henleys

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10:32pm Sunday, 18th February 2007

what a wonderful weekend. cole had friday off work for the arrival of mme. seely so peta and gethin caught some zzz’s on friday morning whilst cole did the annual car clean for the impending guest.

a tidy car and 2 sleepified henleys later we were off the airport to collect jo. we met up and awayed to fetch some lunch, a monsterous cheese and bread-a-thon. yummy! the day flew by and before too long gethin was in bed and after some cod teriyaki and noodle soup (cole is proving quite adventerous with his cooking these days) cole, peta and jo enjoying the bonsyde for some excessive beveraging with the neighbours until the wee hours (thanks to some sterling monitor-minding from ben).

on saturday we awoke, slightly hungover, to prepare for a day’s adventuring in edinburgh. peta had booked us all some tickets at north edinburgh arts centre for baby balloon at 2 so we initially headed to henderson’s for a spot of vegetarian lunch before some theatric delights. peta got to sit on cushions at the front with gethin, along with several other bairns and parents, whilst jo and cole sat at the back to watch the sensory feast that unfolded. what a lovely show. bubbles, balloons, music, it was all super-relaxing (perfect for both hungover adults and 10-month-old bairns), culminating in peta, g and the other mums and bairns sitting inside a giant balloon eating tangerines. it was amazing how they were able to captivate ten or so babies (and the same again number of adults) for 45 minutes!

after the theatre we set back off into edinburgh to hit the shops and get some coffees, spending most of the afternoon in a book shop, before heading back to linlithgow for a lovely jo-made feast of seafood linguine before all falling asleep at a very respectable hour.

sunday was sadly jo’s last day with us – the weekend really had flown by. peta (deservedly) lied-in until late so jo and cole entertained the bairn with some deeveedees before having to take jo back to the airport, not after cole’s speciality of tadpoles in the hole followed by apple crumble. yummy. after dropping jo off the 3 henleys returned, peta and g partaking of a monsterous siesta whilst cole did some cleaning and took the next steps on the never-ending task of re-upholstering the sofa.