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01:13am Monday, 5th March 2007

about time we put fingers to keys on this thing again. the dreaded lurgy has struck linlithgow and for a change gethin seems to have been immune, cole laid low for a couple of days after the cold he had been ignoring for four weeks finally caught up with him before moving on to peta over the last couple of days.

the last few days have been quite busy for p + g. scarily, thursday saw the first first birthday from peta’s antenatal group (30 days and counting until baby G’s). time has flown! then cakes and warm beverages for the mums group on friday.

cole has been knee deep in web stuff, doing the daily grind at work before his contract runs out at the end of march (although another contract may be coming up, fingers crossed) and also doing some freelance stuff in the evenings and weekends. poor p + g frequently are reduced to seeing the back of cole’s head for much of his spare time but it will hopefully bring in some extra money so we can afford to do nice things together in the summer months. this weekend was no exception and after a well-earned lie-in of saturday morning peta did a fine job of entertaining g whilst cole slaved away at the computer.

we did manage to squeeze in a couple of film-making sessions with baby g so for your delectation:


brenda said on Monday, 5th March 2007

Love the short films - keep them coming. Monday mornings are so much more acceptable when started with a breakfast of gethin!xx