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02:37pm Saturday, 10th March 2007

it has been another busy week for the henleys capped off with two trips into edinburgh and a visit on friday to the jelly club, a large soft play facility for kids of all ages (though don’t think the parents are supposed to get quite as much fun from it as we did), complete with large ball parks and slides, hidden away on an industrial estate in the south of edinburgh: (sorry, video from phone so quality is a bit poor)

although not quite crawling gethin has begun relative mobility with a commando shuffle, slowly maneuvering towards enemy lines (or the amplifier to pump up the volume):

he is also practicing on his gurning prowess and will hopefully have a few ugly faces to progress in the egremont crab fair late in the summer.

however, gethin’s most impressive development has been his starting to derive pleasure from headbutting the mirror in our bedroom. peta and i are so proud.