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11:42pm Sunday, 18th March 2007

another week of man-flu for cole, thrills for baby g and babytainment for peta.

since last we scribed cole was laid low with a nasty sniffle for a few days, whilst gethin has been perfecting the art of not eating. a minor annoyance! moomin came up on thursday for a long weekend which has flown by but we managed to pack in some fun-filled activities including a day out in glasgow on saturday.

p + g managed two trips to the cinema this week, her usual fix on the thursday plus a trip to the dominion in edinburgh on friday with moomin. p, g + m bypassed the proposed trip to butterfly world (probably on account of p having a fear of small winged insects), instead venturing on a scouting mission to toys r us and elc to espy potential first birthday presents for baby g.

on saturday we tripped to glasgow, beginning with a lovely meal at the lighthouse where cole supped on the largest veggie burger known to humanity. from there we went to the glasgow science centre which was overrun with snp delegates, the party conference taking place there over the weekend. alas, peta did not see sean connery though.

however, we did have lots of fun learning about science and stuff, with loads of hands-on experiments, illusions and edutaining facts and gadgets galore.

gethins favourite was the levitating polystyrene ball – snaps to follow – whilst one particular exhibit created a gem of a telling off:

Gethin, don’t headbutt the vortex

Time flew by, and before we knew it we were being kicked out onto the wet and very windy Glasgow streets. All four of us headed back to lithgay for a quiet night of telly, cole doing some web-work whilst g slept and p + m played tantrix – a bizarre game involving lining up hexagons ()

on sunday, inspired by the trip to the science museum, gethin had his first real encounter with gravity – falling over onto his head. a rather fetching bump/bruise and tears promptly ensued. the winds had been up in west lothian and the chicken house blew over in the night. cole went to set it up again and feed the chickens to realise that colin – the dreaded evil cockerel of doom – had escaped. what to do?

peta was asleep, having a well-earned mothering sunday lie-in, whilst cole lacked the skills and the courage to face such a monster alone. the sensible solution was to run away like a coward and shut the door, hoping that peta awoke before colin devoured our new neighbours or any passing bystanders. order was soon restored. peta awoke and, armed with hockey stick, managed to usher colin back into his abode.

after such excitement we four ventured up to the bonsyde for some mothering sunday luncheoning and to see uncle pete. alas, gethin’s bump and some slowly erupting teeth were causing some grumpiness in the g so after a fine meal we all headed back home, cole and g getting a siesta. and that was that. sadly, moomin had to head back south in the evening bringing us to the present.

the end


Leiske said on Monday, 19th March 2007

Cole-you're a wimp! Call yourself the man of the house (getting your wife to catch the cockerel)!
Expect many more bumps on the G's body as he finds his feet.
Love all the photo's-keep them coming!
Leiske. X