bairn blog: a tale of three henleys

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01:43am Monday, 26th March 2007

a tough week for cole and peta as poor wee gethin has been out of sorts, crabby to the max (hinting at another ear infection) and growing increasingly frustrated at his limited self-mobility.

his eating has also been out-of-sorts for someone who has always had a healthy appetite, although he did polish off a rather large portion of haggis, neeps and tatties last night, and has also acquried a taste for chocolate but more of that later.

sunday was a get-together to celebrate the first birthdays of all the babies from peta’s ante-natal classes. g is one of the youngest in the group so most of the other babies have had their birthdays already – an excellent chance to scout out relative successes and failures in the ‘first birthday present’ stakes. anyway, peta couldn’t make the party because she had to go to work so cole was stepping into the fray as lone parent ranger and had foolishly volunteered to bake a cake for the occasion (some twenty odd parents and wee yins).

fortunately, fellow mum jenny offered her assistance and expertise in the baking dept so cole, peta and gethin were to head over on saturday afternoon for some apron-clad adventures.

uncharacteristically, gethin decided to have a three-hour nap in the morning so, after a spot of lunch, we belatedly arrived. jenny had already made a head start with two fantastic chocolate sponges baked and cooling on racks. it was decided that cole’s efforts were best focused on making the cakes for the babies, so armed with a blender and some ingredients 12 fairy cakes were soon rising in their cases and poised for some icing: pink for girls and blue for boys. jenny did the boys’ and lo, they were all neat and tidy. alas the same could not be said for the girls’ but given that these were destined for the pallet of 12 month old bairns that was perhaps not so important. the final job was to bedeck the cakes with the baby’s initials and lick the remaining chocolate icing from jenny’s mega-cake. it was at this point that we discovered gethin’s insatiable appetite for the cocoa bean.

on sunday we all met up and had a lovely time. peta was able to come along for the start but had to dash to work before food. it was remarkably calm given the presence of 12 babies, plus their siblings and parents, and cole and g had an excellent time meeting up with the others from the group, some of which cole hadn’t seen since the ante-natal classes over a year ago.

it is at this point we start to get all ‘ooo, my how the last year has flown by’…