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11:43am Tuesday, 3rd April 2007

gad-zucks where has the time flown.

365 days ago I was pacing around a hospital room, Peta was getting dosed up on morphine, gas and air and little g man was some 8 hours away from gracing us with his presence – late for his own birth!

it is completely impossible to think back to a time when g wasn’t in our lives – when we hadn’t yet seen him or got to know his personality or hadn’t been through the things – both good and bad – that we have been through these past twelve months.

i would be lying if i said it has been an easy ride. there have been a few hiccups, particularly with gethin’s health and our own neuroses. but we have overcome them all and, to adopt the parlance of punditry, it is a game of two halves at the end of the day we have a smashing boy that has made both our lives complete.

through g we have met some fantastic people we would not have normally, become closer to our families – despite the considerable geographical distances – gained an appreciation of the value of sleep in ways which we could not have imagined and been exposed to some of the foulest stenches known to humanity!

gethin. twelve months ago we could not have foreseen the person you have become – an intelligent, independent young person with character in spades – plus you are much cuter than we anticipated (though we were convinced you were going to be an ugger).

a very happy birthday boyo from mummy and daddy



michelle Davidson said on Thursday, 6th December 2007

Hi cole,peta and Gethin,
Was just searching for some info and have found your family!!!!
It is good to read how you are doing and even better to see some pictures. dads2b still going well. When are you coming back to St.johns?
Warm wishes

Meli said on Tuesday, 3rd April 2007

Happy Birthday not so wee one!! Lots of love from Auntie Meli, Uncle Stiv and fluffy cousin Harvey xxxxxxxxxxxx