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01:33pm Wednesday, 4th April 2007

what a fantastic day we all had. gethin awoke early to open the myriad of presents and cards that the postman had brought with him. uma was up for a few days to help with childminding duties so we all had a leisurely start. inspired by fellow linlithgow mum jenny, we bought gethin a wee trike and he loves it. hussah!

peta and cole had to work yesterday morning so we all headed into edinburgh together, dropping cole off at work before p, uma and g set off to muirhouse for the morning. in the afternoon we were joined by denise for a trip to the zoo. the weather was fantastic and we got to see monkeys, apes, penguins, rhinos, big cats, tapirs, pygmy hippos and many more besides. think gethin’s favourite was the big cats although he was pretty much excited by it all.

after three hours denise set off and the three four henleys headed home to prepare for gethin’s birthday feast. ryan and shelley came over, peta made pizzas and cole put some icing on the flat fairy cakes he had baked the night before. all in all a lovely day and night. gethin was on his best behaviour throughout and managed to wolf down half his body weight in pizza, breadsticks, hummous and cake!

thanks everybody who sent presents/cards/well-wishes for your generosity and thoughts on this special day.