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12:57pm Monday, 9th April 2007

waiting on a monsterous elmore family re-onion of mammoth proportions so just time to post a latest from the henley three’s easter jaunt.

on thursday cole was at a web conference in edinburgh whilst peta stayed at home packing stuff ready for a week-long trek to do our respective families. cole got back from edinburgh at 10 after some post-conference boozing networking and after both henley’s hit the sack around eleven, peta had the brainwave to drive down to ilchester through the night – thus avoiding a hot, busy good friday on the road. with hindsight it was genius – gethin was able to sleep through most of the journey and we missed the hourdes of cars. the down side was cole had to wait until he was sober to help with the driving so peta did most of the driving (no change there then) and we eventually arrived at half nine. # i drove all night indeed!

the drive wiped us out and peta needed to catch up on some much-needed/well-earned sleep with cole and the grandparents watching baby.

our time down south has been lovely – cole and peta have enjoyed daily lie-ins as moomin and gramps do some bairn-watching, the weather has been lovely and we have drunk and eaten more than our stomachs could reasonably manage!