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11:43pm Saturday, 5th May 2007

Hello all – it’s about time I added some thoughts, so here goes.

Well life with little baby G is pretty darn cool at the moment. It seemed G was perpertually in a grump during the entirety of March and half of April (with a quick let up for his birthday), leaving me to wonder where on earth my happy, smiley little boy had gone. It’s really weird when he does that – it seems like he’ll never be the same again and that we’re going to be stuck with a gurny grump child forever. It’s quite weird for me too as I tend to feel whatever he’s feeling and end up in a grump too -although I’m sure Cole will just say that’s my natural state. Master Henley has, however, been amazing the last couple of weeks – and has been utterly magic! I’ve had to spend a few days looking after him by myself whilst cole tries to finish some heinous web work, so although at times it seems like I’m a single parent family (god forbid!) Gethin has made me smile, laugh and feel downright happy with life. He’s got such a funny little personality – he’s a great copier – at the Engine Shed (where we often go for lunch with cole and his work mates) I was feeding him and playing aeroplanes with the spoon when he took it off me and started doing the same thing!!! I laughed so loud that an elderly couple came over to say “hello” and chat to Gethin – who completely lapped it up and showed off by looking through his book, pointed and said “cat” at the cat (which was blue!) and “baa” at the sheep! It’s funny cos lots of people have been asking whether Gethin is talking yet – he kinda does but I’m not sure if anyone else can understand him apart from me and cole – although cole still gets confused between “cat” and “dad”! Anyhoo… I’m still talking and singing to him, so soon one day we’ll get some intelligible words from him that everyone will understand!

We bought G his first pair of fitted shoes yesterday – thanks to A. Leiske, U. Will and godmum Meli and Steve as they were the ones with the birthday money! And tomorrow he’ll get to road test them as we’re off on a family day out with Denise and friend over to Inchcolm Island! hurruh! G’s first boat trip – don’t worry I’ll make sure he has on 9 life jackets, water wings, is strapped inside an inflatable ring and is wearing an industrial wetsuit for all you G fans out there – so we’re really looking forward to that.

We had a taste of life with a toddler and baby today as Casper came round for a wee visit. Man – I do not know how Ben and Ruthie (or our parents for that matter) cope with a baby and toddler – it’s like you have to have eyes in the back of your head – you’re taking care of G while Casper is running up and down trying to hunt down a cat, which is hiding in a field near the road……ensue lots of head swivelling and shouts of “Casper come back!” Phew! And that was only for an hour or so – so are Cole and I thinking of having number two??? Pah – not on your nelly………..yet.

Well it’s getting very near to my bed time and with our busy day ahead tomorrow I really need to get to bed! plus I must pack all of G’s seafaring equipment…….