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12:08pm Tuesday, 8th May 2007

Just in case anyone was thinking that the radio silence was due to some kind of boating incident on sunday all are well, although gethin is battling through his first prolonged bout of boy-flu, complete with snot coming out of his eyes. poor fella.

due to adverse weather (it is scotland after all – a warm april had lulled us into a false sense of climatic security) we didn’t make it out to inchcolm on sunday so no (life) jacket required. instead we ventured into edinburgh to meet denise and her friend bridget for some lunch in leith. can’t believe having lived in and near Edinburgh for 4 years we had never made it to Leith before but glad we did as it is a beautiful dockland area full of character with striking new developments and scultpture at every turn. there was definitely a european character to the place – i suppose the usual result of a place that had for so long acted as a hub for people from all corners of the globe – reminiscent of the dock developments of our beloved Cardiff (some day we will take you back to the motherland Gethin).

Sadly, a snotty tired boy brought our venture to a premature end but we gorged on some fine fayre from international starters, a whirl-wind tour of global cuisine with a wide range of filling courses (from Asian to American to Scottish) faintly disguised as starters (hence the name).

Peta had Monday off – as did the child minder – so she spent the day bairn-sitting before dosing Gethin up with the appropriate boy-flu-stemming medication and a lovely meal and blether at our new(ish) neighbours archie and chris.


Cole Henley said on Wednesday, 9th May 2007

I thought it was 'snot' conjunctivitus

Leiske said on Wednesday, 9th May 2007

Hey Bruv,
Just thought I'd throw my 2 pence worth in on the old conjested Geth. Samuel too has been full of it, so much so his nursery refused him entry last Wednesday as they thought he had conjunctivitous (?) due to his gungy eyes. Consequently I spent the morning at A&E trying to get a prescription for him, only to be told he had no such thing and was simply conjestion from his nose! I later found out through a doctor at work that due to their tiny nasal passages they can get a thing called 'back-up' which is simply, but rather unpleasantly snot coming up through their poor little tear-ducts!

We're now ALL suffering with ragging headaches, sore throats and runny noses, so be warned........the worst is yet to come!

Hope you're all better V soon! Better now though than whilst on holiday up at the lakes, hey?!