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12:13am Monday, 21st May 2007

evenin’ all – here is a quick vid of Gethin blowing on some balls. Not that kind….. We’re not really sure quite what he is trying to do, but it made us all laugh anyway!!! apart from doing weird things like this G is great – he’s been in fine fettle the last week or so, he’s been having fun at Elaine’s with all his buddies at the beginning of the week, he came along to a Bookstart extravaganza Rhymetime at the National Museum of Scotland on Thursday with Daddy, and took a trip to the Borders with Mummy in the afternoon to view a lovely cottage in the hope that Uma and Oompa might want to buy it….. G and mummy spent the day together on Friday at home, Saturday G went with Daddy into town to open up his very own bank account and deposit his first cheque (thanks great granddad Ken and great grandma Blanche!), and then on to Ryan and Shelley’s to watch the (boring) FA cup final, bedecked in his wee Man United top, but no amount of cuteness could compensate for such a poor outcome (apparently – I don’t care!!!). Today we just mooched around the house, again!, went for a walk up to the pub where G made his way from the beer garden back up to carpark all on his little ownsome – well he was expertly herded by Daddy! and then on to Tesco’s to shop for yummy food. Hurruh!

Cole and I have our “date” day tomorrow – this will be the first day we’ve been able to spend alone, without anyone else (no offence to you all!!!) including G since he was born!!! It’s going to be really weird, we’re going into Edinburgh (for a mystery tour – I don’t know what we’re doing). I think we’ll hold hands, as there will be no buggy to push, baby to carry or baby to walk; we won’t have to worry about where we’re going to change the baby or go for lunch at a certain time to feed said baby. I think we’ll spend most of the day constantly feeling like we’ve left something in the last place we visited………hurray for dates sans bairn! I only hope we can remember how to have adult conversations……“look a sheep – BAAAAA!”

bye for now – enjoy the video, and if you want any more vids of little G (believe me there are hundreds!!!) then all you need to do is leave us a comment……xxxxxxxx


Pat said on Wednesday, 23rd May 2007

Hope your "date day" went well, can't wait to read how the babyless adults coped! Reminds me of a date I had with a man I so wanted to impress, whilst I was at College.
We were driving along in his Austin 7 (a feat in itself, we both had long legs, albeit squashed up) when he suddenly asked me what I was doing - horrors!! I'd just finished a month long teaching practice with a reception class, and I was counting the lamposts as we went by, and my squashed up long leggies were doing a little hop between each one!!
Surprisingly, the romance lasted quite a while....