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12:10am Friday, 8th June 2007

man, can’t believe it’s been over two weeks since last we scribed. the residents of henley towers have been keeping themselves quite busy over the last fortnight, the highlight being a visit from kate last week for a few days and, of course, the day off.

we dumped boy at the childminder and had a leisurely morning at home before trekking into edinburger for our grand day out, starting with an amazing lunch at la garrigue. a fine feast of french fayre was had capped off with the mother of all puddings (and something cole has been salivating over every day since), lavender creme brule. mmmmmmmmmmmm.

after our slap up lunch we headed off for a spot of quality tourist-trap-type activity at mary king’s close for a subterrannean trip down an extant seventeenth century street underlying edinburgh’s royal mile. tres spooky.

sadly we were soon heading back on the train to collect baby g but had a lovely few hours to ourselves and look forward to the next one.

later that week, cole had a monsterous six days off work through public holidays and some annual leave, taking a day off to look after g as the childminder was away on holiday. we went in to e’berg and met up with kate who had flown up from cambridge. it was a fine day of culture, starting with lunch at the museum of modern art and culminating at the launch for ryan’s temporary exhibition, carnival, at Malmaison in Leith. Twas a fab evening with glamorous cocktails, masked belles (not the cat sort) and some southern fried fodder, (plus some quite lovely photos of course). Hats off to Ryski for pulling off such a marvellous opener.

Sadly Kate’s trip flew by but not before visiting Gethin’s tree in Clackmannanshire, a Christmas present for G from Kate. Will get P to post something on that but snaps to follow! It’s always nice having guests so any of your readers are more than welcome to come and stay should you feel the need to venture north!

On Monday Cole started his new job which is essentially his old job with a bit more pay and a bit more job security (but with great powers come great responsibility). All going well so far but all three Henley’s have been feeling a bit pooey this week – Peta’s sinuses are playing up, G is having some more teeth popping through and Cole is just feeling a wee bit run down but then doesn’t he always. Still, in 9 days time all 3 will be venturing south to the Lakes for a mammoth 7 day Henleyathon featuring 2 grandparents, 2 great-grandparents, the 3 withers plus yours truly, some smashing scenery and a truck load of cream teas!