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12:43pm Saturday, 14th July 2007

Gad zucks – has it really been 4 weeks since we put digits to keys on the bairn blog? What a bunch of slackers. Well, in our defence a week of that was spent in the Lakes and since then we have had two grandmothers plus a pair of city slickers from londinium visiting.

anyway, to begin at the beginning we set off to the lakes four saturdays ago today for a week with 3 henleys, 3 withers and an anderson – ages ranging from fourteen months to 89 years. ‘twas a fun filled week with trips to the sea, more apeing about up trees, plenty of cream teas, gibbons (and other animals to boot), a boat trip, a swim (baby G NOT impressed with his aquatic experience) and a fish supper or two, plus the odd drama (what family holiday is complete without one). it was cool for cousins samuel and G to see each other again and play together and learn from each other. Sam is much more mobile than G but he picked up a thing or two and by the end of the week G was making his first few unaided steps into the big wide world, shuffling like an excitable zombie. plus, we got a few lie-ins courtesy of uma and oompa’s baby-sitting prowess. hussah!

in all another relaxing time away for all at redmain which sadly flew by rapidly and before we knew it it was friday and cole had packed his bags for cambridge, off to dj at his friend’s corrina and dave‘s wedding. a whirlwind weekend followed: carlisle to cambridge to edinburgh with a night of heavy drinking in-between. meanwhile, P and G pootled and packed before heading back up home for a mid-summers soiree at the farm.

A quiet week back in Bonnytoun followed before a trip north by Uma for a spot of bairn-sitting as the child minder was on her hols for a fortnight, followed by a trip from Moomin the following week. It was so nice to have some help with G and get a night or two off (including a trip to the cinema to watch the bum-numbing pirates III), and cole even had an unprecedented stint in the kitchen, cooking 3 nights in a row at one point! Fortunately grandfolks were on hand at all times to wash up as would quickly have run out of dishes/crockery/utensils. The visits from U and M were fleeting but lovely and G (and us both) got to spend some quality time with his grandmums.

After Uma’s departure we headed to Ben and Ruthie’s for an independence day celebration. There had been wild storms in Linlithgow and the power had been knocked out around the farm and cottages so we were stranded a bit. Made us realise how dependent on juice we are – no light (thanks for long summer days), no heating (thanksfully not winter), no hot water (thankfully cole doesn’t wash too often), no cooking (that might be a problem), no telly or computer (eep!). anyway, we all popped round the farm for some candle-lit 4th of july tucker and a lovely evening was spent with our trans-atlantic chums (ruthies devilled eggs = yum). it was great to see G, casper and wren (B and R’s kids) play so well together. We could just leave them to entertain themselves whilst tucking into devilled eggs, some of Ben’s lovely home brew and indulge in some good quality chatter. Back home before dark and thankfully power was restored before the visitation of Jo and Charlotte who popped in en route to the T-in-the-Park music festival.

It was great to see J and C. Jo had sent G some lovely new shoes which fitted perfectly so she caught up with the wee fella before some wine, food, film and more chatter, staying up way too late for a school night! Have to admit I was momentarily jealous of them going to a festival (has been eleven years since Cole last went to one) but then when it pee-ed it down on Friday and Saturday thought better of such wishes. Still, would like maybe next year to take G to a more chilled, family-friendly festival such as the wicker man in dumfries or the green man festival in the brecon beacons. festival-going was such a fun part of my childhood memories what with trips to glastonbury in the early 80s and the folks helping to run the leamington peace festival back in the day when peace meant something. whilst on memories, am also hankering after getting another deux chevaux. as much as i love the panda, want driving to be fun and something G can enjoy rather than every car journey being a struggle (he is not too keen on his car seat at the mo). got my eye one so will keep you posted…

anyway – that brings y’all up to speed. will try to get some of the many snaps have taken up on the blog for you to peruse and will try not to leave it so long until the next time.

C P and G xxxxx

PS Summer in scotland is pants – have had about half an hour of sunshine in the last three months and more rain than that Noah chap. Not impressed!


Pat said on Monday, 16th July 2007

Let's hope Bairn blogs are like buses! I've really missed keeping up with the three Henleys' adventures, and watching Gethin growing up via photographs. Keep both coming - you have a following out there!