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11:31pm Saturday, 4th August 2007

c + p went to the financial advisors this morning to firm up the mortgage we had been offered for our new abode and sign off the relevant life assurance, archie and chris leaping to our aid to look after G. the missives will be completed in a couple of weeks and we should be good to move in mid-september. am already eyeing up a job lot of packing boxes online in advance of the long haul to muirhouses whilst p is scouring the bay of e for suitably kitsch furnishings….

it has all been a bit of a blur this week and only today we were thinking about how fortuitous it was that we saw this house on the market whilst we were on our holiday down south. the folk at the solicitors and our financial advisor have been excellent and have made a strenous, daunting and confusing task smooth and (relatively) pain-free. we are so grateful of the financial, emotional and other support that we have received from our friends and family and look forward to welcoming you all to our house-warming once we are in and the place is in order!