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05:50pm Sunday, 12th August 2007

poor gethin has been out of sorts this last week with two more teeth coming through and feeling the effects of the mmr jab he had last week. anyway, a very tired and grumpy poor fella. G is much better on his feet though has been a bit wobbly these last few days.

elsewise this week we have been getting mentally prepared for the big move as all the paperwork was signed, sealed and delivered mid-week. so much to think about with a moving date set for mid-september. addresses to change, boxes to get and fill, furniture to buy, all whilst peta dilligently contemplates interior colour schemes. any tips or advice for moving let us know by email or the comments ;)

on saturday we three headed into edinburgh for some high-brow cultural experiences at the fringe. we got the train in to see a fantastic bubble show before walking the length and breadth of edinburgh in the pouring rain to check out second-hand furniture shops. on the way back we got the wrong train and headed to falkirk, gethin intent on depriving the poor lady sitting opposite us of her crisps. a wee wait at falkirk before hopping on a train back to linlithgow. an early bath, bottle and bed for bairn before an evening of beer and conversation at our neighbours.