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01:53pm Monday, 27th August 2007

I think it’s about time that we put another entry on to keep all Gethin’s fans up to date with latest happenings.

We have been super busy over the last 2 weeks – and luckily G has been on great form! poor daddy cole went down with whatever it was that plagued Gethin a couple of weeks ago, although I’ve managed to stave it off thus far with some miraculous ‘fizzy-make-good’ that auntie Jo recommended! it’s called something like “baracuda” and tastes pretty gross but does the trick – a quick pick-me-up if you’re feeling grotty. So Gethin has been overloaded with daddy the last week – Elaine our lovely childminder was away so Cole took the first half of the week off work to baby watch/and then he stayed at home on friday to fight the evil cold. I think they had a great time at the beginning of the week – playing lots of football and reading stories, G sure was tired at the end of the day! And then auntie Kate was up for the last few days, so we’ve had a magic time pootling about, and, as always, she brought the sunshine with her! hurruh! we had a lovely evening up at the Bonsyde with lovely neighbours, having a drink or 3. We went to the new house on saturday to measure up – kate came too. It was great, and we managed to imagine most of our furniture in there, but I think we might need to get a few more bits and pieces for cole’s extensive (ridiculous) DVD and CD collections! we’re looking forward to living there, but not the move – eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep! cole has made a start on packing as we have less than 3 weeks left now! eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!

I’ve got the day with Gethin today as Elaine is away still – poor Gethin this morning was confused about where Daddy had gone as he’s spent nearly every day with him over the last 7 days. But I think it’s very telling cos when G goes looking for daddy, he goes straight to our bed and looks under the duvet…..hhmmmmmmm. G seems to be coming on really well – he is trying to talk now, and walks around pointing to things and babbling away, it obviously makes real sense to him! He loves “talking” on the phone – cole gave him an old mobile and he walks around with it clamped to his ear and talks into it – again what he is saying is anyone’s guess but it keeps him entertained! He is really into his books as well – and I really think that all his books have helped him to understand more of the world around him. He knows loads of animals and colours, lots of different kinds of transport etc, he loves to point and name – I think he could happily sit for an hour and just look at his books! And he’s started to tidy up after himself which is soooo cute – when you take off a disposable nappy he picks it up and takes it to the bin, and he puts his shoes and socks away in the drawer at bathtime! Well done Gethin – mummy is very proud!

I think that we need some more comments please – gethin is very upset that no-one is writing to him! And I’m sure that no-one wants to upset the baby, do you? Hee hee hee


kate said on Tuesday, 28th August 2007

Gethin Henley is true genius! I am in awe of his amazing intellect. Can't believe how many animals he recognises in his books and not just the books he knows, new ones too, the super-fast speediness as he posts his shapes is stunning...sudokus, crosswords you name it - he's a boy wonder and all at the tender age of 16 months!! Takes after the parents I reckon! Missing you all, thanks for a splendiferous time as ever. Big love from Autie Kate in the flatlands xx