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12:06pm Thursday, 6th September 2007

1 week on from out last post and the big move rapidly approaches. Been quite a hectic week as had to muster up some extra funds with hidden fees seemingly appearing at a rate of knots (2.6k and rising so far) but have managed to keep on top of them, as long as no more rear their ugly heads! still, all set for an exchange on the 14th and both C + P have booked the week off work for moving and getting the place straight(ish). Uma and oompa are up checking out properties in the borders so they will no doubt be roped into some bairn sitting/stealing whilst boxes are filled, moved and emptied.

the packing has been on the back burner this week – the henley’s enjoyed a visit from cole’s uncle michel for a couple of days who was up catching the tail end of the fringe in edinburgh. and cole is off to a web conference in brighton for a few days leaving P home alone.

young G has been on top form these past couple of weeks. he is quite mobile, chatty and cheeky to boot with a constant mischevious grin on his face. he has been quite clingy too and has discovered the delicate art of shouting – usually restricting such outburst to the most public of settings with loud outcries of ‘mummy’ and ‘daddy’. awwwww.

he has also mastered the unlocking of the keypad on dad’s mobile phone and can regularly be found sending numerous text messages to the AA.

so, all well in the henley household. looking forward to at long last having our own home – a place to make and call our own and also the space to maybe think about bairn ii (though not quite yet).

saying that we will all be sad to move away from the cottages that we have been in for the past 2 years. we have had some amazing neighbours who are now friends for life and have been so fortunate to be in such lovely surroundings. it has been the perfect spot for us to raise G up in and we will sorely miss the community feel we have had in Bonnytoun. will try to keep you posted but not sure how regularly we will be able to access computer (or how quickly we will be connected in new abode).

stay tuned for house-warming dates…


Pat said on Friday, 14th September 2007

Best of luck with the Big Move! Your new home looks terrific, travelling up to Scotland for the first time I noticed two things, first that the horses all wore coats, and then the gorgeous cottages.
Hope it won't be long before Gethin's Blog continues, watching this young man grow up is great!