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03:01pm Monday, 24th September 2007

10 days, 52 boxes, 3 livestock trailer-loads (plus uncountable panda boot-loads), 4 fish and chips (and the rest!), 4 trips to ikea, 3 kitchen cabinets and a 6 pack of heineken later the 3 henleys are at long last in their new abode. uma/oomps did a sterling effort at relieving us of gethin for an intense period getting all the henley gubbins over to our new place followed by an intensive period of unpacking and getting the storage sorted. almost there – just a few touchs in the kitchen and some shelves in the living room to go. haven’t even considered redecorating yet as the herculian effort that would be required to remove the half-inch thick patterned wallpaper that adorns the property throughout (floor and ceiling) doesn’t bear thinking about.

just about managed to squeeze the furniture in, ably (and gratefully) assisted by fraser and ben, and it is amazing how much stuff we managed to squeeze into the 2 bedroom place we were in before. have met the neighbours who seem lovely.

thank you so much to everyone that has made the move possible – both set of grandparents plus great-grandparents ken and don have been so kind in providing financial assistance in getting the house, uma and oomps for taking away the pressure of watching gethin whilst filling, transporting and emptying boxes, ryan and shelley for their removal and cleaning services respectively, fraser for helping to shift stuff and especial thanks to ben for providing the means to move all our big stuff as well as going above and beyond the call of duty in lugging furniture up stairs and through doorways that physics and logic dictate should not have been possible. thanks also to everyone that has wished us well in our new home.

will try to get a post up about gethin’s latest developments (including a new coiffe) asap but with no internet at home the henleys have only sporadic access to the interweb at the moment – how did we all manage before broadband?