bairn blog: a tale of three henleys

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02:18pm Friday, 5th October 2007

one week on all henleys are well, although gethin has been nursing a snotty cold for the past week or so.

we were graced with a visitation from godmum amelia (she of the pol-e tunnel) for a few days to coincide with cole’s geburstag. a fun few days was had. on friday cole went out boozing with workmates in the big smoke – his first for a wee while. on saturday cole awoke jaded from a generous lie-in before a stroll to bonnytoun farm from our new abode to meet ben, ruthie et al. and purchase some organic produce. it was a long stroll, particularly nursing the after effects of a few too many beers, but a lovely walk and we returned for a nice breakfast courtesy of meli’s culinary expertise. we spent the afternoon doing a spot of gardening – breaking out the heavy tools for some hardcore mowing, trimming and strimming, meli telling us what was what in the garden.

in the evening we set off for some leisurely drinks at the bonsyde with the cadells and a trio of bairns hell bent on burning off some calories and replenishing them with the parents alcoholic beverages. we headed back to watch a film (venus featuring an aged peter o’toole swearing his way through a mesmerising film), polish off a bottle of wine and bed.

on sunday we awoke and headed off to livingston, cole determined to spend some birthday cash that had come his way before a lovely lunch at friends kenny and jan’s in airdrie. we then set off for a coffee in south queensferry before meli had to head back down south through the medium of flight.

a lovely weekend which preceded quite a quiet week at henley towers. still catching up with all the paperwork associated with moving house and a few boxes yet to unpack. still no tv signal so have decided to dispence with televisual entertainment, but am gaining suitable distractions courtesy of the radio and dvd player (new remote arrived in the post – yay!).

peta has been working all week it seems, doing a spot of rhyme time (i think that’s what its called) on her day off and also celebrating national bookstart day at edinburgh zoo with plenty of animals wee kids.