bairn blog: a tale of three henleys

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06:02pm Friday, 26th October 2007

last week P and C popped out for a night on the glasgow tiles to see the SFA, cole due to drive back so P could drunkenly enjoy Gruff and friends. well, that was the plan until G dutifly lost the car keys on cue as P was about to out the door to Glasgow. After an hour or so’s frantic searching P had to get a train into glasgow and we both dashed to get the last train back – missing the last song of the evening – before a taxi home. still, a marvellous evening was had by all. cole jumped up and down like he was a teenager again (and felt it for several days afterwards) and peta revelled in the up and close ambience of the glasgow barrowlands. a lovely night for both henleys and a mega thanks to linzi for G-sitting and helping hunt down the keys. they were found first thing the next morning in the first place cole looked….

last weekend was a tranquil affair, the 3 henleys enjoying an uber-siesta on sunday and a generally lethargic weekend, not getting done any of the many things we had hoped to do. oh well. this week has flown by and by wednesday we were ready for another visitor with kate coming up to pay her birthday respects to Peta.

p and kate popped off to the cinema for a birthday treat advanced screening of the new elizabeth film. cole in the meantime was charged with getting him and G home in the car, no mean feat when he somehow managed to circumnavigate edinburgh the wrong way and eventually got home 90 minutes later (should have been a 45 min journey). whoops!

we are set for a small house warming soiree tomorrow so had better get up early to trim the hedges and other such random acts of tidiness in advance of the thronging masses (well, the 3 people we know who might be able to find their way to muirhouses), though Ps bro Martin has foolishly braved the train systems for a visit from Londinium. bottles of cheapest cava set to stun!