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04:23am Friday, 2nd November 2007

time for the weekly update from henley’s 3.

as previously reported, this last week has seen peta’s birthday, a house warming soiree, visitations from peta’s best friend and brother plus lately a trip to the hospital for wee gethin.

last wednesday peta’s bestest school friend kate popped up from cambridge and by friday was joined by p’s brother martin who had come up from london. on friday eve we all sat down and supped on some lovely fajitas, before settling down to a movie before saturdays exertions

saturday was the house warming and a busy morning was had. cole did a spot of impromptu gardening whilst martin hoovered and kate and peta dashing off on a booze and nibbles run. by 2pm we were fully stocked and ready for guests and slowly they arrived, from far and wide, bringing with them gifts and babies. it was lovely to have such a wide range of people over, particularly lots of toddlers, and by the end of it we had bizarrely ended up with more drink than we started the day with (although were by no means sober) – how civilized is that!!

sadly, the day flew by and before we knew it the last guests were heading home. a quiet night was had and we all went to bed fearful of gethin’s ignorance of the clock change (and the prospect of awakening an hour before we’d like)

fortunately, the party had proved too much for wee g who slept through until a respectable 8am GMT, enough for all to have a lie-in. sadly, on sunday we bid an adieu to our guests kate and martin as they embarked on their long journeys home, but not after some more quality coffee at the boathouse in south queensferry. mmmmmmm.

the rest of the week has hurried past with the exception of the daily slog into work with roads and rail constantly delayed. gethin has proved quite the inquisitive little fella – as usual into everything but it seems that every day there is another trick, some new words or another cheeky expression to his repertoire. alas, he is turning into quite the mummy’s boy of late – at times only placatable by p – which has put extra pressure on p but also makes daddy feel a little left out but such is the life and times of an 18 month old.

on thursday evening G took a turn for the worse after a fun day in edinburgh, with some breathing problems that the helpful folk at nhs 24 thought should be checked out. a mad dash to the hospital in falkirk ensued but after a wee check up all seemed fine with the problem being a cold having got onto his chest quite suddenly. nothing a bout of antibiotics shouldn’t shift. the good news was not enough, however, to deter young gethin from puking up in the car on the way back home. a messy affair leaving our car and g’s car seat adorned with a less than desirable aroma. vomit aside, so pleased all was well – at one point it all got a bit much for paranoid daddy!