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02:56am Wednesday, 12th December 2007

evening all

just a wee post that the henleys are reet knackered after an impromptu trip to the hospital (again) with bairn. hopefully all is okely dokely, though looks like gethin has a touch of croup. a dose of pink, sugary, syrupy steroids should sort things out but could be a bumpy night…

everytime something like this happens it feels like being shaken from our sense of comfort and security. cole in particular still struggles with gethin being ill, especially if it is anything affecting his breathing. each time is a reminder of when G was first born, the minutes old boy being taken out of daddy’s arms as he struggled with his first few lung-fulls of the outside world, whisked away into the room next door full of alien machinery. feeling helpless and making that micro-second decision to prepare yourself for the worst.

sorry to sound melancholy but can’t shake this feeling. i hate to be the dad that wraps their kids up to protect them from the experiences of the world around them. with gethin being so curious and mobile, throwing himself off things, onto things and into things, shaking off scrapes and bumps, we often forget that he is still a fragile wee bairn.

oh well, time for paranoid dad to hit the sack. thanks for tuning in.


Lou said on Friday, 14th December 2007

Oh, poor wee G. Hope he's feeling better now, and you're all starting to return to much-needed normality.