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09:15pm Saturday, 15th December 2007

what a day ! oh my lord, Gethin has really put us through it today. He’s got a stinker of a cold, the worst he’s ever had – I guess we have the croup to thank for that. And, Boy! has he been a reet pain in the backside. Poor cole nearly collapsed with exhaustion earlier, and I am not surprised as he has been over-working recently and was out on the p#ss last night and walked home from the station. what a wally! Anyway we’ve stuck together and shown Gething that a united Mummy and Daddy are no match for his screaming fits and demands – which today have numbered in the thousands. He’s really not being very nice to cole either, lots of pushing and (half-hearted) hits. I’ve pointed out to Cole I reckon Gethin is doing this to get a rise out of him as he really only spends time with him at the weekend and tries my patience throughout the rest of the week, so he leaves me be at the weekends and concentrates on pushing daddy’s boundaries instead! Plus he’s really not well and all little boys want their mummies when they are poorly, right? (and big boys too!) at least he’s gone to bed now so cole’s washing up while I write this before we settle down, perhaps finish the christmas cards and then watch Lemony Snickett.

Although it has been a really trying day, I’m really proud of us being strong and not backing down to Gethin’s demands. I feel a good sense of achievement and calm because I think any other time I probably would’ve been turned to jelly, but I stayed patient and firm. And as my dad said – at least he’s getting ill before Christmas and not during! Hopefully gethin will wake up in a better mood tomorrow….