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01:30pm Thursday, 20th December 2007

Brief entry before escaping to southern climes for xmas. Manic week in the Henley household. Gethin was a nightmare all weekend but we survived and a few days on he seems to be chilling out a bit. Atop the exhaustion of a screaming bairn, sad news on Saturday that Cole’s sister, Leiske, was taken into hosptal. The latest news is that she has had a second stroke (having had one before 5 years ago). Our hopes and thoughts go out to you sis for a speedy recovery from this setback and look forward to seeing you over the festive break.

Eslewhere, Cole is in a surreal position where he was selected for a second interview at the marvellous design agency Whitespace in Edinburgh whilst at the same time being offered a permanent contract at his current place of employ, RCAHMS (where his contract was due to expire in May). Fingers crossed for a successful second interview today and then some nerve-wracking decision making from this indecisive Libran…

Finally, RIP to Cole’s aged goldfish Jeremy who passed away at the weekend. Won at a fair whilst Cole was in the Boy Scouts back in 1983, Jeremy was an admirable animal who out-lived many fellow aquine pets (and one feline one) and survived long periods of neglect. Jeremy, you may not have remembered me (and even if you did, only then for short periods of time) but you were my first pet and I will think of you the next time I tuck into a fish supper.