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12:12am Friday, 11th January 2008

aaaaaaaaaaaargh, I think I have Essence of Dead Mouse on my foot. I must investigate the matter further. I feel very unwell. More to follow……

stupid goddamn mouse! It’s gone and died in my boot and congealed itself in there. I can never wear my boots again. No amount of whacking said boot against the wall has dislodged it. I do feel quite nauseous.

Anyhoo, HAPPY NEW YEAR One and All! We’ve seen some of you, spoken to others and written to the rest of you (hopefully that covers all the bases). We’ve had a very busy Festive period, with lots of rellies and friends and a stupid amount of pressies! Gethin has been very up and down too – sometimes being a lovely wee man and other times it’s hard not to strangle him…at the moment he’s being great though so I’m happy! He’s very chatty and his favourite little saying is “no poos in there” every nappy change! He’s a very confident communicator (I’m breathing a sigh of relief – all my experience from my job has paid off…) and loves his books, food and splashing in puddles. He always amazes me every day with a new word or two, or with a new sentence – it’s great that now he is properly understandable – and has started doing more things for himself – he put his trousers on yesterday by himself, although they were back to front and I had to pull them up over his napp-ied booty. He is loving being back at Elaine’s house with all his little friends, and even tries to stay at night when I pick him up. Boo hoo, poor me.

Well I think Cole will be adding something tomorrow – I’m off to scrub my foot. byeeeee!