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01:12pm Tuesday, 5th February 2008

By jove. Can’t believe we are already a month into 2008. January hurtled past and it seems like we haven’t stood still since our Christmas exploits.

Cole has been uber-busy at home and at work with a variety of web projects to keep him occupied, plus undergoing the moderately stressful experience of filing his first tax return. Ouch. Peta has been fab at keeping the house/household in order whilst Gethin is doing very well indeed, delighting in his weekly routine at Elaine’s as well as meeting with Casper and Wren every Friday for some soft-play action in South Queensferry.

We’ve had some crazy weather up here in Scotland with rain, gails, snow and hail. One particularly cold snap coincided with our boiler breaking down so all 3 Henleys were wrapped up in multiple layers and under multiple duvets whilst we waited for that to be sorted. Plumber is waiting for a new part to come in to fix the problem but in the meantime he was able to hotwire the boiler so it is now constantly on. Toasty.

Also had a small leak in one of the ceilings which caused a bit of a panic. We initialy thought that the strong winds we’ve been having might have dislodged a tile or two on the roof but an inspection at the weekend, the vertiginous Cole perched precariously atop a ladder, revealed that all seems fine. Our best guess is that the winds might have blown some snow under the tiles which then melted to cause some dripping but all seems to have abatted now. Fingers crossed… The perils of home ownership.

Anyway, there has been a relative hiatus of visitors to Henley towers so far in 2008 so we are all looking forward to AJ coming to see us at the end of the week. Yay!