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01:02am Friday, 15th February 2008

with geth-zilla having grown out of his bouncer many, many months ago the time was long overdue for a new lick of paint on the bairn blog.

inspired by the wonderful fifties design work of paul rand (particularly his children’s book sparkle and spin) and gethin’s recent fervour for choo choos, cole set to it with his e-pallette and just over 24 hours later here you are. hope you like it, let us know if you like it (or not) or if there are any issues you experience with it.


Denise said on Saturday, 16th February 2008

Hello my favourite wee family! I love the new web page and photos. Am visiting my mum (huge big deal to get here after everything)and finally got access to the internet. I am still very wobbly but getting a lot better and my mum is feeding me up a treat. Would love see you all ad wondered if you were busy next weekend. If not would you like to nip round to my mums place maybe for a bite of lunch. Must warn you that I am nowhere back to normal yet, am pretty emotional, and get tired very easily but should be ok for an hour or two....soooooo want to catch up and of course give Gethin a big cuddle. Give me a text and let me know what you think. I also want to thank you for being such bloody amazing friends and for all your love and support over this horrible time. Am so very glad to have met you all. Love you loads,
Denise xxxxxx

Si Jobling said on Friday, 15th February 2008

I've toyed with the idea of setting a blog for Oscar as well - I've already got the domains for him. However, I was a little concerned on the security of it all and how much information I wanted to divulge about his life and growing up.

I might re-initiate the idea and throw something together next month. You've inspired me with this design, that's for sure. Loving the simple and wonky graphics! Good work Daddy Cole!

Pat said on Friday, 15th February 2008

Hail, Sir Gethin of Gurning,
Many thanks for the photo/pc, thought the dinosaur tabard would be useful for sunny moments when you're not out chasing dragons!
Pat the Welsh Wench xx