bairn blog: a tale of three henleys

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09:54pm Monday, 24th March 2008

At the end of a quality long weekend for the three Henleys. After some moments of satanic behaviour last week wee G has been on his best for dad’s extended weekend for the Easter break.

Friday saw a trip to soft play for G with friends Casper and Wren before lunch and energy-burning activities at Henley towers. Cole headed off to Alloa to see friend Dan on their latest web project – mum’s the word at present.

Saturday we all headed into Edinburgh for some pampered chef action – a bit like Tupperware but with a touch of class – at P’s friend Elspeth, as well as Easter related goodies for the bairns. It was great to hang out with lots of other parents and wee yins and probably the first time Cole has been around other dad’s and kids for socialising. Sadly the pampered chef goodies were outwith our budgetry range (even the bamboo toaster tongs) so settled for some free nibbles and a quality time with the bairns.

Easter Sunday we awoke with some hot cross buns before Gethin’s first Easter Hunt. Peta The Easter Bunny had done a good job stashing various ovoid chocaltey things around the garden which Gethin promptly found and less promptly ate. Scrambled eggs (not the chocolate kind) for lunch to continue the Easter theme (stopped short of some Crown of Thorns soup for dinner) before Peta had to head to work for her occasional Sunday shifts and a night out with her work mates bowling (P succeeded in retaining her title of Muirhouse library bowling queen).

In the meantime, Cole and G spent some quality time together in which G did his first poo on the loo (perhaps too much information for some of you). We did lots of running around, playing football, listening to the footy on the radio and bouncing around on the bed. Good quality father-son stuff.

On Monday we embarked on G’s first trip to the cinema to see Horton hears a Who, a thoroughly entertaining film for all three Henleys although G fell asleep on Cole for the end of the film after eating his body weight in salty popcorn.

All round a stirling weekend for us all. Great to spend more than the usual 2 days a week with G for Cole, particularly just the two of us on Sunday. It is reassuring to see that Gethin’s moments of terror are blips in an otherwise upwards trajectory.