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12:10am Monday, 31st March 2008

Well, tonight young Gethin spends his first night in a proper, grown-up bed. Au Revoir and schlaft gut cot – you served us well – and a big hello to Mr Bunk Bed.

Some fraught flat-packing later (the most stressful bit was trying to fit the ruddy thing into our Fiat Panda after baulking at the £50 Ikea wanted to charge for delivery) and wee G has a not-so-wee bed to call his own and commandeer the majority of floorspace in his bedroom. He took to it well and went to sleep soundly. Looking forward to the not-having-to-get-out-of-bed-to-get-G-out-of-bed first thing tomorrow morning although that will almost certainly just mean him coming in to wake us both up. Well, at least it won’t be the sounds of his head hitting floor that wakes us up as happened when he tried to clamber out of the cot.

Getting set for a manic week. Sadly, Cole’s gran Blanche passed away on Tuesday so Cole is heading down south for the funeral on Thursday after a day spent celebrating Gethin’s second birthday. Wish us luck and let’s hope it’s not too early a start in the morning…