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11:12pm Thursday, 10th April 2008

We are now officially a week into Gethin’s terrible twos after a hectic week for the Henley’s. Last Thursday was Gethin’s birthday so after an early start and much present unwrapping (the highlight being a pink toy buggy from our childminder) we headed into Edinburgh for songs at Granton library with Peta’s bookstart colleagues.

Many songs were sung, beverages quaffed and cakes eaten. Then all off to North Queensferry for an aquatic encounter with sharks and the like, stopping off to pick up our friend Denise and a lunchtime treat from Maccy Ds. At Deep Sea World we met up with Ben, Casper, Wren, Poppy and Merce. Gethin really loved it, particularly the underwater tunnel, and had fun on the Black Pig.

We had a lovely day and G got loads of presents from his adoring friends and family. Sadly Cole had to dash off before the day was through to head south for his gran’s funeral in Warrington. It was a sad day but a fond farewell and it was good to catch up with the extended family that haven’t seen in ages. The trip had a positive side though and Cole headed south after the funeral to Leamington to catch up with his sister – the first time since Christmas when she was still in hospital having suffered her stroke. It was great to catch up and really looking forward to spending some more time down in Leamington later in the month.

The next day was a first class trip by train back up to Scotland, complete with complementary refreshments.

The last few days have flown by. On Sunday P was back at work so Cole and G hung out and did manly things like defrosting the freezer iceberg and made pizzas for supper – though Gethin seemed more intent on stuffing the olives in his mouth than atop the pizza bases. Sunday night saw a bout of the pukes for wee G in the middle of the night where he crawled into bed with us to vomit :(

On Monday G was still ill so P lost out on her planned home alone day to care for him – he has certainly inherited Cole’s “I am dying” mood when poorly. Since then he has been excelling at this terrible two’s malarkey with regular tantrums and early morning/late evening screamage. I will never understand how someone can both want and not want something at exactly the same time. A complete mystery and catalyst for a few more grey hairs…


Jane Host;er said on Thursday, 24th April 2008

>>I will never understand how someone can both want and not want something at exactly the same time<<

that is funny