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10:46pm Monday, 14th April 2008

what a perfect weekend for the henley’s three.

saturday morning we headed off for some steam train action at the bo’ness and kinneil railway. C + P hadn’t been since their wedding day and it was the first time G got to see a proper choo choo. we got there early after getting the times wrong and had to negotiate our way through the shop – replete with thomas goodies – on our way to a couple of cups of coffee. a short while later the choo choo arrived and we all set aboard for an exciting seven minute train ride to kinneil halt. we set upon a stroll, complete with multiple puddles (and ensuing splashes), before catching the train back. all told a fantastic trip and gethin was absolutely agog during the whole experience.

on sunday we headed to the farm to catch up with ruthie, ben and the kids, feed the animals and follow ben and casper as they tagged and tailed some newborn lambs, awwwww. the kids get on so well together and shortly P had to dash for another sunday stint at work. as the day was nice c + g stuck around before strolling home, G catching a mammoth snooze en route and after before cooking up some bangers and mash with daddy for P’s return.

to cap the weekend off today has been a lovely day. the sun was still shining when we got back from work/childminder so G set about making some messy mud pies in the garden whilst C + P cleaned up the car, Cole doing a spot of gardening. I kid you not a spot of gardening – dusting off the old trowel to clean up the overgrown paving slabs out front.

What a super weekend